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2011-07-19 23:28:01 by Daaku026

Haven't been on here in forever. No worries though, I'll submit more art and songs soon enough. Just gotta get to it.

Van Canto

2010-07-30 23:19:57 by Daaku026

This is one of the GREATEST bands of the 21st century. Drums are the only thing used instrument wise. Everything else is Capella; even the guitars.

Better yet, the song just gets BETTER as it goes on, and the solo is AWESOME.

After you watch it, if you loved it as much as me, re-post it on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, wherever, and share it with friends. CW50&feature=avmsc2

Yes. They have more songs. And yes, They are just as awesome.

Om nom nom? Nom.

2010-06-21 02:42:36 by Daaku026

So I put up a lot of new music since I last post. The Kill Bored Contest ended too, (which Im currently working on btw) and yea. Only 15 people entered. You guys could have had a real nice chance at winning a free MP3, but noooo, no one wanted to enter. All you had to do is EMAIL KILL BORED. Personally, I think thats worth an MP3.

Anywho. New songs up. Go listen. I'm tired. ::passes out and magically lands on the "Post it!" button::

Free MP3?

2010-04-02 11:12:17 by Daaku026

My site started it's contest yesterday, yayyy!

Click here! :O

Come enter :)


2009-12-16 18:40:32 by Daaku026

Why is NG all Blueish? o-O

Is it like a snow winter thing? I was suprised.

Anyways. So I don't waste all this appetizing space in this little box... is finally getting more popular! Yay! And It still doesn't even have that much content, lol.

And Im still trying to learn more flash. I just haven't had ANY time. I'll hopefully have some during winter break. Which starts this Friday for me.

Enjoy Christmas everybody!


2009-11-23 01:20:47 by Daaku026

I finally got scouted by someone for my art.

Thank you "InsertFunnyUsernameHere"

An odd username, but I thank thee anyways.

On another note, I'm still looking for better Flash Tutorials for Flash CS4. I'm on my way to submitting my first flash thing to NG, and some more help would be appreciated.

And just because I feel like it, this is why World of Warcraft should be destroyed. It does THIS to your kids.

/* */

For the love of...

2009-11-18 01:58:06 by Daaku026

god. Can someone PLEASE scout my image. I have no idea how that works, but if you are reading this and you have that capability, I beg of thee. I would really like to upload other pictures I have.

Other than that. Omg it's cold. Damn you Colorado.

And another random subject change, does anyone have some good, easy to follow Flash CS4 Tutorials?

I would really appreciate it if they did. ;o

Freakin Pic!

2009-11-13 21:45:10 by Daaku026

I'm STILL waiting for approval of one pic...this is killing me. Seriously.

I'm also still debating on whether to stick with Flash CS4 or try CS3...idk which one is better.

12 days...

2009-11-11 16:39:04 by Daaku026

And no I don't mean the 12 days of Christmas.

I want to upload art to New Grounds but I still haven't been "Scouted"

Does this happen once or do I have to do it each time I upload something? Because I have a lot of other digital art I'd like to upload, but not if I have to get scouted each time, >->

Oh. I'm getting a computer touchpad this afternoon for my computer. I'm going to start working on my first flash for a college project. Got Adobe Flash CS4. Can't wait, ;)

Ten days...

2009-11-09 22:08:44 by Daaku026


I submit one piece of art. And it has been ten days.

And still. Not approved. What the hell.

-_-; ::sigh::

I'm going to be working on my first Flash Projects soon. I'm noob so I'll be going through a bunch of tutorials and such that are already on NG. Wish me luck peoplez.